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By some twist of fate, I've now ended up working for a guy who owns a custom-made tailoring shop (Ascot Chang) and is also running for mayor of my city (Pasay) this coming election. So now, I'm secretary/shop assistant. I'm helping out the man with his propaganda, as well as helping out at his shop.

It's a trendy place located in a hotel (Shangri-La). They make really expensive shirts and suits. The cost of one shirt is already equivalent to my tuition fee for two semesters. I'm only one week in, but the costumers that I've seen are - no kidding - politicians and diplomats. I'm still waiting for the celebrities, lol.


On the other hand, I've read Akuma to Love Song spoilers for Chapter 61 and I'm banging my head at how Shin is taking a step back again. So, what happens exactly?

spoilersCollapse )
And finally, Chapters 58 and 59.

Toumori Miyoshi never fails to let down with her beautiful colored art. Chapter 58 (in Margaret No. 20) is a special treat because the front cover is Maria and the opening page is a colored cover of kitty Maria and friends. These are bigger versions from the last one I posted.


Scan credits go to yukitokaji from billwang. Please don't spread this scans.

the pianist and the devil's love songCollapse )

About what happens to Maria at the end of Chapter 59, I was worried before, but not now, since I've read spoilers on 2ch. I'll write a summary/translation if I get to read  the actual chapter. For the meantime, here are the spoilers.

Chapter 60 spoilers from 2chCollapse )
Here are Chapters 53 and 54. The prelude to Maria's beach trip with her friends and then the beginning of the beach trip. As I've done previously, I can only  share some pages and I've resized them.


The devil's Ave MariaCollapse )

Also, why didn't I notice this before, but Chapter 59 has a black and white preview of Volume 8. It's Eros and the devil!

It's been a favorite, but now, it's probably my most favorite. Here I go again with random chapters. I've read chapters 50-59, sans chapter 57 (only seen spoilers), but I'll be taking my time doing summaries. I can only share a few pages (and I've resized them) but I hope they'll be enough for now until someone can scan the tanks. Volume 8 is coming out on 10/23.


Eros and the devilCollapse )

Sporadic updating. I summarized/translated the rest of Volume 4, since there were only two chapters left that I haven't done.
Click on the thumbnails to jump between chapters.

the obnoxious teacher, the beautiful devil, and the captivating songCollapse )
And jumping 30 chapters later...lol
I've been poking around 2ch and tada! I found spoilers for Chapters 56 and 57. bamboo pole wishes and a captivated devilCollapse )

And so, after I cried at the state that my Margaret manga was in when I finished scanning Akuma to Love Song.....


Akuma to Love Song - Song 52Collapse )
Akuma to Love Song is one of my favorite mangas. Something about the heroine -- Kawai Maria -- a tsundere, tough gal just draws me in. She may seem like a "beautiful devil" on the outside, a woman with a poison tongue. But on the inside, she is not quite the devil woman she is thought to be. Still, inside lies a beautiful heart.

Akuma to Love Song
Song 49

The devil makes me lovely...Collapse )
So, I was thinking of updating that same post that spurned people to say some ugly things (you guys have even made me afraid to take a peek at my own lj and even my inbox, lol). BUT, I decided against it. I'm starting a fresh new entry for the poems. For now, I can't put up the other scans yet, because I'm still waiting for my friend to give me the 'okay'.

And warning: Guys, please. Leave all the hatred elsewhere (debate it on the other post, if you must). I don't want to see people bashing each other nor do I want to see blatant character bashing, especially Kallen. I'm sharing these because I want the fans to appreciate them. Also, please stop mincing the poem/s line by line, word by word. The poem loses its charm when you've dissected it like a science experiment and skewed things way out of context. Can't we just appreciate it as a whole?

And if there are shippy comments and you're not inclined to like it, please do try, just TRY, to keep out of each other's way. Thank you and have a nice day, or rather please don't ruin an already nice day. ^^

World End - SuzakuCollapse )


O2 - ShirleyCollapse )


Mosaic Kakera - NunnallyCollapse )


Waga Routashi Aku no Hana - C.C.Collapse )


Yuukyou Seishunka - KallenCollapse )

Kallen's words to Lelouch in Complete Best

My friend 飯 is bawling that she can't climb The Great Fire Wall and sent me to do her bidding. She says she will strangle me if I don't share this. I have here, Kallen's poem, though more properly a letter, to Lelouch that came with the Complete Best CD released on January 14.

Even if it was a lie, if you had said, "I love you," I would even follow you to hell. You knew that, didn't you?Collapse )

There are other poems too, plus an opening or ending song that is dedicated to one or two characters. I've put together everything I can gather about them. No scans for now.

The poems are full of 'ifs' and 'regrets' addressed to Lelouch.

Of Ifs and RegretsCollapse )