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Akuma to Love Song by Toumori Miyoshi - Chapter 49

Akuma to Love Song is one of my favorite mangas. Something about the heroine -- Kawai Maria -- a tsundere, tough gal just draws me in. She may seem like a "beautiful devil" on the outside, a woman with a poison tongue. But on the inside, she is not quite the devil woman she is thought to be. Still, inside lies a beautiful heart.

Akuma to Love Song
Song 49

Maria picks up an eraser that Meguro dropped. Their fingers touch as Meguro quickly retrieves his eraser and looking disinterested afterwards. Maria wonders since when was it that Meguro started avoiding her. Normally, there was no problem when they had close contact, but if it was by accident, she would feel the distance between them. Maria glances Meguro's way and when Meguro notices her, he mouths "idiot" to which Maria blushes. Meguro goes back to looking disinterested.

In the meantime, the teacher announces that the first year students' last event is a marathon and nobody is allowed to skip. Later, Tomoyo complains about  marathons and she doesn't feel like doing it even more because of their teacher. Maria inserts, "It would be good to run until you reach the goal, don't you think?" "What's up with this elementary question?" Tomoyo asks. Maria admits that she has never ran in a marathon.

Ayu comes along and suggests that the girls run together to reach the goal all at the same time. It would be embarrassing after all to take last place. The other girls agree. "That's right. Ranking doesn't matter," says one of the girl.. Maria rejects the idea. "If getting a rank doesn't matter, it's alright to be last place, isn't it? I'll be running with all my might," Maria asserts. Ayu gets mad with Maria for ruining the mood. One of the boys thinks that Ayu is stupid as well and that it's useless to only ask Maria. Meguro just silently listens to the conversation.

akurabu ch49 p08
Along the corridor, Meguro calls on Maria who is together with Tomoyo.
"You shouldn't 'run with all your might'. Go slowly. If you overdo it, you might fall down."
"What? Are you worried?"   
"No, I--"
"You too. Will you be alright? You're always skipping P.E.. If somebody falls, that would be yo--"
Meguro jerks away before Maria can even touch Meguro's shoulder. "Well, be careful."

akurabu ch49 p09   akurabu ch49 p10
"Kousaka, do you think it would have been better if I hadn't confessed?"
"Ah, I knew it. You've been refused by Meguro-kun, haven't you? I thought so because there seems to be no development between the two of you. But, Kawai-san looks normal. As if you don't want to show your shock at disappointed love?"
"It doesn't really matter, I thought, because we can still be friends."
"Really? I didn't notice. Kawai-san, right now, you're lying."
I'm lying. Is that so? Then, the truth is...
'Kousaka's properly observing me, isn't she?"

akurabu ch49 p11     
I completely don't think that it's okay to be friends.
"It's about to start soon."
"You're right. Did you see Megu?"
"I didn't."
"I knew it. Is he planning to skip?"
"I can't imagine Meguro wearing a P.E. uniform."
"Megu hasn't ever appeared during P.E.. There's no reason for him to come--"
"Who are you saying has no reason to come?"
"Whoa. The jersey doesn't suit you, Megu."
"Shut up."
"Drink this or else you might fall."

Kanda calls Meguro, leaving Maria with the bottle of water. Then, Tomoyo comes greeting Maria. She tells Maria that she's feeling nervous and if she could have a drink of water. Maria takes away the bottle. "Eh!? I can't? Oh? Your face..." Maria's face is very red.
The truth is. I'm not thinking of being friends. I want him to look this way. I want him to care. Just me.
I'm a liar.

Maria dashes ahead of the group to everyone's surprise.
I can't pretend that we are friends. The distance that I feel, I blamed it all on Meguro.
Maria soon runs out of breath and lags behind. She tells Kanda and Tomoyo to go ahead.

Maria says Meguro's name out loud and to her surprise, the person himself comes up from behind. "What is it?"
"You went ahead and did it, didn't you? Running recklessly."
Meguro denies that he was watching Maria's back, that he was only running normally. He tells Maria that he's tired, so he will be resting for a bit."You can stay too, since it's uncool to be alone," he adds.

"Please don't avoid me. My stomach hurts, so please lend me your back. There's no other meaning to it. But, my heart is pounding like crazy it makes me happy."
"Is that so? If it's like that, then that's good."
"Eh? What do you mean?"
"You know. Right now, I think my heart's pounding a little too. If you need a back to lean on, I can always lend mine, idiot."
"Well then. Let's go slowly. The pain has already gone, hasn't it?"
"My hand...Will you pull my hand?"
"It can't be helped."

I can't lie to myself anymore. I like Meguro. I really like him.


Geez. It seems that I always fall for the love that is frustratingly mutual yet has to undergo a rollercoaster first. What I mean by that is, guy likes girl and girl likes guy, but they can't express their feelings clearly because of unspeakable turmoils of the heart, interference from another gal or guy, etc., etc. Furthermore, I am guaranteed to like the pairing if the girl and guy are both tsunderes.

I took photos of the whole chapter and uploaded them here.

The quality is bad, but it's still readable. I couldn't bring myself to flatten and scan the pages one by one. >.<
Gallery for online viewing here.

I also have volumes 5, 6, and chapter 48, but I can't scan the whole thing, so I might just take pictures and summarize the chapters in the coming days.
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